• What is WizSense?
  • WizSense is a comprehensive and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Dahua Technology, a leading provider of video surveillance solutions. It is designed to enhance the capabilities of security systems by incorporating intelligent algorithms and deep learning techniques.

    WizSense offers a range of intelligent functions and features that enable efficient and effective video analysis and management. It leverages AI technology to automate surveillance tasks, reduce false alarms, and improve overall security operations.

    Key features of WizSense include:

    1. Perimeter Protection: WizSense can accurately detect and classify human and vehicle targets, reducing false alarms triggered by irrelevant objects or movements. This feature is particularly useful in areas where precise monitoring of specific targets is required, such as critical infrastructure or restricted areas.

    2. Face Recognition: With advanced face recognition algorithms, WizSense can identify and match faces captured by surveillance cameras against a pre-defined database. This capability is valuable for applications such as access control, visitor management, and law enforcement.

    3. Smart Motion Detection: WizSense employs intelligent algorithms to detect and analyze motion patterns, enabling it to distinguish between ordinary movements and suspicious activities. It can significantly reduce false alarms caused by environmental factors like wind or small animals, ensuring that security personnel focus on genuine threats.

    4. Metadata Search: WizSense generates comprehensive metadata during video recording, which enables users to quickly search and locate specific events or objects within vast amounts of recorded footage. This feature saves time and effort in retrieving relevant video content for investigation or evidence purposes.

    5. Smart Playback: WizSense allows users to review video footage efficiently by automatically highlighting events of interest, such as motion detection or face recognition. It simplifies the task of locating relevant video segments and accelerates the investigation process.

    Overall, WizSense brings advanced AI capabilities to video surveillance systems, enhancing their accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. By automating key tasks and providing intelligent insights, it empowers security personnel to make informed decisions and respond promptly to potential security threats.
  • Launched by Dahua Technology, WizSense is a series of wide range AI products and solutions that adopt independent AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It can recognize human and vehicle in an image with high accuracy, enabling users to focus on real targets. Based on Dahua's advanced technology, WizSense makes your video intelligent, simple and inclusive.
  • Intelligent refers to WizSense powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm. It provides various features that realize accurate alarms for human and vehicle, as well as quick target search, maximizing resources to increase overall efficiency.
  • Simple means WizSense offers simple configuration, especially for SMD 3.0 that can be enabled by just a single button. It eases your customer's daily job and also empowers them to make better business decisions.
  • Inclusivity of WizSense is the idea that everyone gets the opportunities and benefits from AI. With affordable prices and easy configuration of Dahua WizSense, AI is no longer confined to the ivory tower, but applied to real scenarios instead.
  • WizSense Core Technologies
  • SMD 3.0

    In 2018, Dahua Technology innovated the Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Technology to differentiate human and vehicular shapes within

  • Perimeter Protection

    The perimeter protection based on tripwire and area intrusion sends an alarm when unwanted movements triggered by human or vehicle occur, avoiding unnecessary false alarms.

  • Active Deterrence

    With build-in spotlight and security siren, it can actively warn off intruders and inform user before the user perceives the event.

  • Thermal Imaging

    Dahua thermal camera combines thermal imaging technology with AI technology to detect various dangerous situations in time and protect your property from loss.

  • AI Coding

    AI Coding can guarantee the image quality of the target while encoding. In addition, it can save 50% of bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265.

  • Face Recognition

    The captured facial features will be compared with the face image data in the database. When a successful match is found, the system provides an output result.

  • WizSense Application Scenarios
  • Villa's yard
  • WizSense effectively protects your property when you are away from home.
  • Requirements
  • Have you ever received tons of false alarm notifications while you were away from home? Have you ever received an intrusion detection alarm, but unable to obtain the appearance of suspects? Let WizSense shield your home!
  • False Alarm Reduction
  • False alarm rate less than 1%, enables you enjoy your perfect vacation without worrying about your home's security.
  • Notification Prompt via Smartphone
  • You will receive a mobile push notification when the alarm has been triggered.
  • Light and Sound Intruder Deterrence
  • The powerful visual and auditory warning can warn off intruders as soon as they are detected, protecting your properties at all times.
  • Luxury shop's entrance
  • WizSense creates business value while enhancing security.
  • Requirements
  • With a large trading volume everyday, luxury shops are constantly exposed to security threats. In addition, improving VIP customer experience and management efficiency has emerged as a major demand.
  • Assists VIP service
  • WizSense can accurately identify VIP customers and push notifications to the shop manager via APP, improving management efficiency to enhance users’ satisfaction.
  • Secures shops
  • Once a person with previous criminal record has been detected in our system, the WizSense products will quickly target him/her, and at the same time send an alarm to the security center.
  • Establishment’s monitoring center
  • WizSense improves the efficiency of monitoring center’s security guard.
  • Requirements
  • With limited manpower that can focus on huge amount of details, 24/7 monitoring has been a pressing challenge to security guards.
  • Accurate Alarm
  • Wizsense filters out useless alarms caused by leaves, light, pets etc., saving users’ time and effort.
  • Efficient Search
  • WizSense extracts and classifies humans and vehicles from massive video data, making it easy for end users to trace and analyze information. The human and vehicle options for video playback speeds up the target search and saves retrieval time.
  • Fish Farm
  • Safeguard your outdoor properties and reduce labor costs
  • Requirements
  • Help protect fish farms against thieves, poisoners or anglers without permission.
  • Wide monitoring area
  • The Active Deterrence PTZ camera can rotate horizontally and vertically to monitor different areas of the fish farm through preset position, bringing less labor costs and better scenario adaptability.
  • Sound and light alert on site
  • When perimeter protection or SMD alarms are triggered, its built-in light will flash and its speaker will play a recorded voice audio to warn off intruders. Example: “Attention! Swimming and fishing are not allowed here! Please leave the premises immediately.”
  • Convenience Store
  • Time-sharing monitoring to protect your shop 24/7
  • Requirements
  • Monitor the cashier area during business hours, and the entrance during non-business hours using Active Deterrence PTZ Camera.
  • Time-sharing Monitoring
  • Supports presetting of camera position at cashier and shelves area during day time, preventing intruders and burglars from trespassing.
  • Sound and light alert on site
  • During closing time, the camera will rotate to monitor the entrance automatically. When the alarm is triggered, the camera’s built-in light and speaker will turn on to warn off intruders.
  • Work with DMSS App
  • Through the DMSS App, the camera can send push notifications to the user’s mobile phone. In addition, users can also watch live video footages, capture images and set configurations using the app.
  • Dangerous Area
  • WizSense keeps people away from dangerous areas with flexible configuration.
  • Requirements
  • It has been a long-standing problem for public places to ensure that visitors are safe from dangerous areas.
  • Flexible Rules for Monitoring Area
  • Flexible rules can be set up depending on the structure of the fencing in order to prevent people from climbing over it.
  • Custom Voice Alert
  • Human voice is more effective than a signage. Customized voice alert will be activated once perimeter protection alarm has been triggered.

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