Can I use my existing coax cable?

Can I use my existing coax cable? If you used RG59 or RG6 coax cable to run the video from your CCTV cameras back to your DVR, there is good news when it comes to upgrading. You can use this same cable to run video from Full HD security cameras, including TVI HD camera. TVI CCTV cameras are able to use RG59 up to the same distances as HD CCTV cameras, which is about 300m.
If you used spools of RG59 Siamese cable on your original installation, there is more good news. You can also use the 18/2 power wire to run power to 4K cameras, just as you did CCTV. The BNC connectors and power plugs are the same too.

If you used pre-made CCTV camera cables, you may be able to re-use your cable with HD cameras. If the premade cables are RG59 gauge, then you can use them. If they are a thinner gauge cable, then you need to test to be sure. 4K cameras generally require coax cable of RG59 gauge or greater.

Can I use my existing Cat 5 cable?

Can I use my existing CAT-5 or CAT6 cable? If your existing surveillance system uses CAT-5 or another type of UTP cable supported by video baluns, you may be able to leverage that cable when upgrading to HD. Many existing CCTV systems use CAT-5 connected to video baluns in order to run video from cameras to a DVR. Some of the new 4K technologies also support CAT-5 / UTP and video baluns. For example, these HD video baluns support 4KD-TVI cameras

Additional resources

If you are interested in researching HD video surveillance equipment further, here are some additional resources that I recommend.

Hikvision 4K DVR – the Hikvision DVR is a TVI / CCTV DVR that was a very easy to use interface and some of the best apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.
HD CCTV vs Analog CCTV comparison video – this video compares the resolution captured by an analog CCTV camera to a 8 megapixel 4K TVI camera.

TVI 4K CCTV DVR – Also TVI 4K DVR is supported old analog camera.

Unfortunately, if you have an existing CCTV DVR that is not a hybrid and you want to upgrade to 4K, you have to replace your DVR.

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