What is WizMind?

Dahua Technology, with its award-winning deep-learning algorithms, proudly releases WizMind, a portfolio of solutions consists of project-oriented products including IPC, NVR, PTZ, XVR, thermal imaging devices, and software platform, delivering precise, reliable and comprehensive AI solutions to various verticals such as retail, energy, finance and transportation.

WizMind Based on Human

Powered by AI chip and deep learning algorithm, WizMind provides comprehensive human-oriented solutions including face recognition, privacy protection, human video metadata, people counting, stereo analysis, etc., making it possible to quickly and accurately act on what matters to you. In addition, it provides more precise and effective AI search to locate targets, and various human-based data for business analysis.

  • Face Recognition 2.0

    Provides accurate Prevent duplication,Exclude  Staff,Customer Traffic Statistics  to understand the real passenger situation better.

  • Privacy Protection 2.0

    Privacy Protection 2.0 offers additional occlusion options and allows code exporting based on specified targets.

  • Human Video Metadata 2.0

    It extracts attributes of human,and offers targets direction analysis,data statistics and PPE detection.

  • People Counting

    People Counting provides reliable and precise crowd statistics for business analysis.

  • Heat Map

    Heat Map demonstrates two types of heat map charts based on the number of people and average strand time for better business analysis.

  • Stereo Analysis

    Stereo Analysis recognizes people’s behaviors and focuses on what interests you.

  • Wide Area Security 2.0

    Wide Area Security 2.0 provides report analysis function based on the crowd and vehicle alarm, with features including time-lapse photography and AR Panorama.

  • Smart Tracking

    Dahua Smart Tracking system provides different tracking solution with accuracy rate of up to 90%.

WizMind Based on Vehicle

WizMind boasts multiple vehicle-based AI solutions, such as ANPR, vehicle metadata, and illegal parking and parking space management, which provide more attributes of vehicles for easy control, quick search and business analysis. It is widely used in urban roads, residential community entrances, parking lots and toll stations.

  • ANPR 2.0

    ANPR system recognizes the number plate information of vehicles from 87 countries.

  • Vehicle Video Metadata 2.0

    It extracts attributes of vehicles, and offers targets direction analysis and data statistics that can be used for business analysis.

  • Illegal Parking Detection 2.0

    Illegal Parking Detection 2.0 based on deep learning realizes accurate and fast detection of illegally parked vehicles.

  • Parking Space Management

    Parking Space Management detects the number of vehicles in the outdoor parking lot and the current number of remaining parking spaces.

WizMind with Thermal Imaging Technology

WizMind combines deep learning algorithm with thermal imaging technology to help users achieve ultra-long range surveillance, boat detection and early detection of fire even under harsh environment.

  • Long Range Surveillance

    Captures fine details of vehicles (up to 20km) and human-size targets (up to 8km) from a long distance.

  • Boat Detection

    Automatically identifies a boat and obtains multiple data about it.

  • Fire Detection

    Detects early fire from a long distance (up to 10km) to avoid damages and casualties.

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